Window cleaner Telford Shropshire

window cleaner in telford shropshire

Window Cleaner Telford Shropshire

Domestic Window Cleaning

Our Telford window cleaning Team have built up a large clientele in and around the Telford area since forming we’re proud to say that most of our customers have remained loyal. If you asked us why that is, we’d say that there’s more to domestic window cleaning than the obvious. “We take care in meeting the customer’s needs, putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes and seeing what they want,” “We try and exceed expectations.”

Window Cleaner Telford

And we really do more than clean windows. For example, if there’s moss in your guttering or you have slippery steps that need jet-washing, then it’s all part of our attempt to give you the best service possible.

It begins with your initial enquiry. We’ll ask the right questions and guarantee a visit as soon as possible. You’ll then receive a free quote by email the next day and, if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll arrive promptly and get down to work.

But our guarantee goes further: if you’re not happy with the end result, we’ll return within 24 hours to address the issue free of charge. Window cleaner Telford Shropshire.

We strive to offer courtesy, care and attention to detail. Moreover, given that you might be out while we’re working, trust is imperative – as is a commitment to Health and Safety standards.

Don’t wait any longer!  Sign up today for a free non-obligatory quotation for your domestic window cleaning and we will call around and email you a price within 24 hours of our visit.

Top 5 Window Cleaning Tips Telford

top 5 window cleaning tips telford shropshire

1. Choose a day.

When it comes to window cleaning, the are many myths. Don’t clean them on a hot sunny day, Dont clean them when its raining, Only clean them when its windy. So we offer our Top 5 window cleaning tips.

Quite frankly if we waited for days where the weather conditions were in line with all these myths, then we would probably only have one or two days a year where we could clean your windows!

THE TRUTH IS – By using Pure water, we can wash the windows in rain, shine, wind, fog and to a certain degree ice and your windows will still be streak free and clear.

2. Remove dirt and dust first.

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Window Cleaning Telford Shropshire

window cleaner telford shropshire

We are a local window cleaning Telford company providing a friendly, quality service throughout the Telford area. 

Though we have a great deal of work, our team treat each of our customers as if they are our only one. Providing everyone with little extras at no extra cost making your property the envy of the street without hurting wallets.

We know that you live busy lives, so we try our best to make things as simple as possible, so as to not add any unnecessary stresses. Check out the FAQ page for more information on how we do that.  We are all fully insured and equipped to take on any job so please don’t hesitate to ask!

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window cleaner in telford shropshire

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning

pure water window cleaning shropshire

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

The term Pure Water window cleaning describes ordinary tap water that has been filtered through a purification system, to remove all the natural minerals.

What is Pure Water?

In addition to Hydrogen & Oxygen (H20), tap water also contains minerals. For drinking purposes, this isn’t a problem, however when it comes to cleaning the likes of calcium, magnesium and other minerals remain, when the water evaporates away. This leaves hard water stains and unsightly spotting. You’ll notice these build up on any glass surrounding showers or taps at home, or even after washing your car.Continue reading