Fascia/Cladding Cleaning

Your fascias/cladding are an integral part of your home and as such, should be well maintained. As part of our cleaning service fascia/cladding Cleaning Services can clean all of your uPVC fascias and cladding to give your home a facelift and return it to looking as new.

uPVC is marketed as maintenance free, but it does need cleaning. This sometimes is overlooked and with the majority of uPVC being installed in a white colour, this can become unsightly.

The weather causes much of the problems for uPVC, leaving deposits of algae an unsightly green colour. Road traffic emissions also give your uPVC a dull off white/grey look.

Fascia/Cladding Cleaning Telford, Shifnal, Bridgnorth, Newport Shropshire

There is nothing worse than dirty faded frames on windows, doors, rooflines and conservatories to ruin the look of your homes exterior.

Included in the price will be the fascia and soffit boards and also the outer plastic of the guttering.

Fascia/Cladding Cleaning Telford, Shifnal, Bridgnorth, Newport Shropshire

Access to much of your home is above ground level and might be above a conservatory but it is all in a days work as we have the necessary equipment to reach all these areas by using ladders and water fed poles.

Fascia/Cladding Cleaning Telford, Shifnal, Bridgnorth, Newport Shropshire

Fascia/cladding Cleaning Services offer professional uPVC Cleaning and Fascia Board Cleaning services of all domestic residences and commercial properties across most areas of Telford, Shifnal, Bridgnorth, Newport Shropshire.

UPVC Cleaning

We deliver fantastic results for your UPVC soffits, fascia boards, doors, conservatories and even garage doors on all residential and commercial properties.

Your fascia and soffits, windows and other UPVC elements on the exterior of your home are beautiful and stylish features. But after time, factors such as environmental pollution, moss and the dust & dirt of everyday life will combine to make it dull and less attractive. This can really detract from the look of your home, even leading to permanent discolouration and even leaks.

At plastic fantastic, we can restore all UPVC back to its original state leaving them looking shiny, new and clean.

Using a revolutionary new cleaning system, Plastic Fantastic will professionally restore your UPVC work, removing the grime, grease and plant life that can make your home look unsightly and bring it back to the best condition possible.

Our fascia/cladding cleaning system uses bio-degradable non-abrasive; environmentally friendly chemicals applied using high tech equipment without using ladders to achieve amazing results. Treatments are quick and hassle-free and appointments will be arranged at a time suitable for you.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote for our UPVC cleaning service, or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Discounts available so ask your neighbours

We offer discounts if multiple properties in the same street are cleaned at the same time, so if you know of any neighbours who could benefit from Fascia/Cladding cleaning let us know and we will reduce the quoted price for all of you