Top 5 Window Cleaning Tips Telford

top 5 window cleaning tips telford shropshire

1. Choose a day.

When it comes to window cleaning, the are many myths. Don’t clean them on a hot sunny day, Dont clean them when its raining, Only clean them when its windy. So we offer our Top 5 window cleaning tips.

Quite frankly if we waited for days where the weather conditions were in line with all these myths, then we would probably only have one or two days a year where we could clean your windows!

THE TRUTH IS – By using Pure water, we can wash the windows in rain, shine, wind, fog and to a certain degree ice and your windows will still be streak free and clear.

2. Remove dirt and dust first.

When it comes to the top 5 window cleaning tips, this one is actually 100% correct. It is always best to remove dirt and dust first. With using the pure water cleaning system, you will see your window cleaner first of all, spray the window with the water jet. This remove the larger dust and dirt, then whilst still applying the water- he will use the brush to dislodge all dirt and dust particles.

3. Pick the right cleaner

You would think just using tap water would provide the best cleaning – However normal tap water contains

  • Liquified chlorine
  • Sodium silicofluoride
  • Aluminium sulphate
  • Fluorosilicic acid
  • Calcium hydroxide
  • Minute traces of lead – If your house still has lead pipes

The water when it evaporates leaves behind traces of what is in it – this is the streaks and residue you see on you windows.

We use a system that filters all these out so you are left with pure water – which went it evaporates leaves no traces, streaks or residue

Top 5 Window Cleaning Tips

window cleaning tips telford shropshire

4. Use a microfibre cloth.

Again with our Top 5 window cleaning tips, this is no longer a requirement. Using a microfibre cloth just means whatever dirt or dust is on the cloth simply gets wiped across your freshly cleaned glass! Even a cloth brought brand new from the supermarket has been sitting on an open shelf with dust particles floating around. By using PURE WATER, the windows,  once cleaned, are left wet so as to dry normally and leave a streak free finish.

5. Skip the squeegee.

“Professional window cleaners swear by them, however, in our top 5 window cleaning tips, by using PURE WATER to clean your windows, there is no need to use them. As mentioned earlier the pure water traps any remaining dust particles and as the water evaporates it takes the dust with it. Leaving your window sparkling clean.

Keep it regular.

This one we will add for free! This actually helps so much in keeping your windows clean, to have regular window cleaning visits rather than waiting until your windows are noticeably dirty. We recommend having your windows cleaned every 6 weeks or so. This way the dirt, dust, pollution and grime are kept to a constant minimum and doesn’t become noticeable to the passing by.

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